The 7 steps of Emotional Agility

How to become emotionally agile leaders?

Dr. Kerrie Flaming, Director of the Ashridge Leadership Research Centre, in her book “The Leader’s Guide to Emotional Agility” (Pearson, 2016), provided practical strategies for managers to become successful modern leaders by developing their Emotional Agility.

Seven are the steps she proposes to become successful modern leaders using EA. We can summarize them as follows:

▪understand your values, how you can live and perform best with those around you, and be authentic;

▪understand how and why you feel specific feelings;

▪pay attention to your environment to gather data about the behaviors of your team, colleagues, and organization;

▪ take some time to figure out and understand the emotions behind people's behavior;

▪understand your emotions, why they appear, and how you behave when they do, to recognize when your actions are driven only by your emotions;

▪when you can read, understand and know your team, you should have as well the basis to manage their own emotions when needed;

▪take some time to step back and reflect on what is going on both inside and outside yourself.

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