Scope Statement Template

Many projects seem to suffer from uncontrolled expansions of the project scope: unplanned features, additional functions, and unauthorized work. “Small changes”, maybe. But what if we sum them up? What would be the cost of the result?

Requirements Traceability Matrix

A helpful tool to track each requirement from the need, opportunity, goal, or business objective to which it responds, up to its WBS deliverable: here a free template of a Requirements Traceability Matrix.

Change Request Form

Change Request Form Formato: .pdf Data pubblicazione: 24/04/2021 Lingue: Italiano, Inglese. Template in italiano Scarica Template in inglese Scarica Un modulo per raccogliere le richieste di modifica nell’ambito dei tuoi progetti. Vorresti maggiori informazioni sul template o suggerirmi dei miglioramenti? Inviami un messaggio. Clicca qui

WBS Dictionary Template

Component of the Scope Baseline, the WBS Dictionary is a fundamental project document to collect all the details of each WBS element, all the information about each deliverable, and the work needed to produce them.